Best Gaming Chair For PC,XBOX,PS4:Buying Guide(2018)

If you are a regular or a hard core gamer then you would have definitely asked yourself that what is a perfect gaming chair and what all it will offer you. This decision is a matter of what all you expect from your chair. A good chair can change the gaming experience and even your performance by a lot and therefor it is a necessary component in any gaming setup may it be a PC RBG setup or a console gaming room.

This guide on best gaming chair will help you choose the perfect gaming chair your you keeping in mind all that you need in your dream chair and at the same time making sure it is of great quality and provides accurate posture and comfort for long hours of gaming.

Is spending extra money on a gaming chair worth it?

Any gamer at present spend an average of 6 to 10 hours per week playing games on a PC or a console. Keeping this fact in mind spending some extra money on a gaming chair is totally worth as you would be using the chair much often. If you are a hardcore gamer then you defiantly need a good quality chair so that playing for long hours does not affect your posture or provide you any discomfort. Therefore spending money on something you will use probably every day is never a waste of money.

What are the different kinds of gaming chairs?

Rocker gaming chair

The rocker gaming chair has no base but directly sir on the floor without a stand or legs. These chairs are very comfortable and of l shaped design. These types of chairs are best for console gamers and offer great wireless support and input ports for all your audio or input devices.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

These chairs have only one major difference that separates them from the rocker chair that is the additional pedestal under the main seat. This provides you the feature to swivel around and provides some amount of height. All the other features of the rocker chair are similar in this pedestal chair.

PC Gaming chair

A PC gaming chair has the base design similar to the regular office chair. It has additional features like height and armrests adjustment, extra cousins for more comfort and headrest pillow to make sure you can sit for long hours in proper posture.

Racer Gaming Chairs

If you are a great fan of racing games than the racing gaming chairs are designed perfectly for you. These chairs offer you enough space and a perfect posture to play racing games using paddles and wheels. These chairs offer head rest along with armrest and height adjustment so that you can adjust the chair according to your comfort.

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

Bean bag gaming chairs have been used from a long time while having fun and chilling. They are used mostly for casual gaming mostly by the console gamers for just sitting in front of the TV an having fun playing casual games with friends. Bean bags are not used for PC gaming.

What features should I look for in the best chair for gaming?


A gaming chair should be made of fine and good quality materials so that it can last for a long time and still provide you with the same comfort like a brand new chair. Look for the material used in cover and stuffing along with the frame quality.


Comfort level should be your top priority when looking for a gaming chair that you will use on a daily biases. Make sure the material is confortable and the stuffing is thick so that you feel relaxed.

Coolness factor

We all need your gaming setup to look cool with all those RBG lights. Therefor it is important that your gaming chair matches the standards of your setup to make it look even cooler when you play with your friends.

Space saving

Most of us do not have a separate room or a large area that we can devote to our gaming setup. It is an important factor to keep in mind when you plan to buy a gaming chair. The chair should be of appropriate size to fit in your room or hall.

System compatibility

The whole idea behind the gaming chair is that it is comfortable, worth the money and looks great with your gaming setup and is comfortable to play on. For all this you also need to consider the type of gaming console you are using. Most of the PC games prefer racing or PC gaming chair to provide comfort and best access to the keyboard mouse combo while the console gamers might prefer bean bag type gaming chairs so that it is comfortable and fun to play with friends.

Best Gaming Chair For PC,XBOX,PS4:Buying Guide(2018)

Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 Pedestal Video Gaming wireless Chair review

With X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Gaming Chair, you can now not only hear your music but actually FEEL it. Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, you will become a part of it. Get ready to experience sound as you never have. The X Rocker has wireless audio transmission, and 2.1 sound System with 2 built-in speakers & subwoofer. The side control panel has volume, bass control, input/output jacks, and band switch. There is a headphone jack for personal use. The Ergonomic design has full back support, and the chair tilts and swivels for comfort while playing. The foldable construction allows for ease of storage and portability. This gaming chair has an easy to clean, heavy duty upholstery vinyl cover. Connects to most video game, audio or video devices. Black with silver flip up arms.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable, even for a person that is 6′ 2″ tall
  • Sturdy
  • The chair rocks backward a few degrees for a slightly reclined sitting position.
  • Side control panel with bass, volume control & input/output ports
  • Comfy foam seat with black vinyl cover
  • Armrests for gaming comfort
  • Side speakers for an immersive experience
  • Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, MP3/CD/DVD, Wii, home theaters and much more


  • Might be a little low for some people’s gaming set up. The seat height is 15 inches from the floor.

Why It is A top Pick

The X Rocker manufactured Ace Bayou Vibe is the cheapest but the best variant available at that prize in the market. Although is  not the must demanded thing but you can get surround sound of Bluetooth and vibrational motor for the realistic feel in the experience. This chair is having the entire required component that you can demand for and one of the most comfortable ones.

 Ergonomic Design

This gaming chair is specially designed in ergonomic design for the betterment of the user. In this chai you have option of customizing the chair height and tilt according to personal needs. Come along with padded durable backrest, headrest & gunstock for overall comfort of the user.

 Easy to Access Controls

This gaming chair has lots of controls separate for every feature like for bass sound, volume adjustments and to handle the amount or frequency vibration. Thus, you could easily customize the functions according to your needs. And for controlling the chair you need not to be a specialist, because the controls are very easy and handy.

Great for Adults and Teens

Don’t worry about the size of user because this gaming chair is having customizable options that are very easy to change and handy to use. These controls are specially designed with the concentration that the final product is easy to be used by adult or children.


In comparison with other variant in this range this gaming chair from X rocker is a cheap variant which can give the competition to other chairs of higher range.

 Easy to clean

The chair’s heavy-duty vinyl upholstery cover is very easy to clean. It’d last for quite a long time keeping the gaming chair look as good as new without getting worn out.

Easy to use & store

The foldable construction entails that there aren’t any difficult construction techniques in play when you dismantling or using it. Just fold to store it & then unfold when you would like to use it. Also, it’s lightweight in construction that means you can simply move it around whenever you need.

Royal Black beauty

The chair is a Royal Black beauty which could go well in any house & can complement other home furniture. The black beauty comes with silver arms that are simple to assemble & connect to the chair providing you the best position for all the gaming action.

Bottom Line

The X Rocker Pro Series 5143601 Pedestal 2.1 is the best choice for many of the gaming loving person and music enthusiast. This gaming chair is so comfortable that you can hang on this for long period of time then also you will not feel any sign of body strains or pain. Without investing pile of amount, you could get a amazing and realistic gaming experience.

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE Chair Furniture With Pillows review

DXRacer Tank Series Big and Tall Chair Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer ChairDXRacer Tank is a Big and Tall Chair Chair Gaming Chair that comes with comfortable Pillows. This series of chair is designed keeping in mind the conditions for ultimate comfort and pillows and cushions are provided for that. This chair can be adjusted up to 170 degrees and lets you have short breaks that are must between intense gaming sessions. All the parts and accessories used in this chair have gone through a special quality test so that no low quality material enters the market. The frame used, the coushions, the caster wheels and aall the other parts of this chair are of best quality materials.


  • Best high-end gaming chair for tall people
  • Amazing build quality
  • Good weight capacity
  • Full back and height support
  • Stylish racer aesthetic with three color options


  • Not suited for the “big” part of big and tall if you’re in the 350+ lbs range.
  • Fairly high price for a chair
  • Extremely high price for a chair

Why It is A top Pick

We were pretty impressed with this Dxracer gaming chair. It’s made well, you can sit on it for hours without feeling sore or uncomfortable, the audio is great for pretty much any game you’ll play, and it’s built to last.

A lot of these chairs are often made with junk materials that break down after a few months – this Dxracer gaming chair is pretty tough and will likely last a long while.

For the price, this Dxracer Gaming Chair is a great deal. You’ll find it difficult to find a better one at this price point. If you’re a little tight on budget but you still want a high quality desk that does the job, this piece is the perfect choice.


The DX racer is built on a solid metal structure that has the modern market design on the best quality metal. Great padding on the chair and proper design of each and every part of this chair provides it a unique and premium look.

Reclining And Adjustments

The Dxracer gaming chairs can be adjusted with the help of a pulling lever that can adjust the inclination to 170 degrees. The lever is present behing the armrests that are also fully adjustable so that you can sit in your desired posture and feel more relaxed.

A Good Sit

The Dxracer gaming chair uses PU leather all over the chair that is very soft and premium quality. Even though the fabric doesn’t feel great when you sit on it it provides the best comfort any chair can. The fabric is warm and doesn’t stick to the skin like the regular leather.

Ergonomic Design

The fantastic news about this chair is that it’s ergonomic in design. This chair has a unique design that lets you lift, roll, incline or adjust the cushions or armrests the way you want to. This chair has the best design in any gaming chair in the market.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Promise 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee, worry-free-18-Months Warranty and friendly customer service. If there is a problem like being damaged or receive a defective item, lack of accessories.

Bottom Line

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE Big Chair is beautiful colored product with perfect design . It have lots of features and custom options .comes with very good build quality and great strength. It also have fiber textured top which allows easy movement of devices such as mouse .In all the product money it is a worth product. It comes in attractive black colored body and powder coated metal body makes it durable for long lasting use .So far it is the best gaming chair in my view and a must by product if want a gaming chair.

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR Executive gaming Chair Furniture With Pillows review

DXRacer Racing Series Black and Red Gaming ChairThe DXRacer Racing with Bucket style Office Chair Gaming Chair is an Exclusive and automotive masterpiece that comes packed with comfortable pillows . DXRacer lineup comes the DOH/RW/106/NR Racing series chair. This chair comes with comfortable cushion on both inside and outside of the chair and provides you with high level of comfort and relaxation.

The chair has unique armrests that are not very common in gaming chairs. These can be rotated to 90 degrees and adjusted the way you find it comfortable. Even the base of the chair is high quality and the chair as a whole provides premium features.


  • You’re getting a chair from an established brand who cares about their customers.
  • DXR provides a variety of chairs to choose from and therefor have something for all types of coustomers.
  • Popular and recognizable in the gaming scene.
  • Various colors and styles.
  • Great value for money in the budget.


  • Start in the three-figure range. Definitely not cheap.
  • Adjustable armrests are a unique feature and not present in all models.
  • There The weight limit for these chair is of 220 lbs.

Why It is A top Pick

While it isn’t a proper console gaming style chair but when you compare it to a regular chair at this price this chair is definitely something worth the cost. No matter if you are a casual palyer or a professional gamer who wants to shine on the stage of pro gaming, this chair is a perfect and comfortable fit you everyone. While this is not gaming chair in common sense, you are not going to be disappointed!

Sleek Design

Nowadays, everyone wants a good design as to make your environment look little bit more cooler. This design offered by the chair is one of the leading designs and offers you all that you need along with classy looks and professional feel.

Customized Arms

There are a lot of gaming chairs in the market that have rigid and uneasy armrests. This chair from DXRacer offers armrests that provide you with armrests that can be rotated and adjusted up to 90 degrees. This chair has very comfortable posture and markes sure every part of your body is at comfort.


The castes are very strong and smooth. These casters move smooththly when requires and also are rigid enough to not move when you don’t want them too. With proper engineering and accurate weight, each part of this chairs is balanced.


The seat is perfectly flexible and adjustable. The back of this chair is very strong and makes your you sit in proper posture. It not only bends but also the back is adjustable so that you can sit the way you find comfortable without any restrictions..

Ergonomic Design & Comfort

The best thing about this chair is that it has a unique and extra ordinary design which is up to the mark of premium looks and gaming industry. The chair also does not compromise on comfort from any way as comfort is the most import factor of any gaming chair.

Bottom Line

Well, this was the best Dxracer experienced chair I ever had. The design and quality of this chair are very much appreciated. If comfort is your most important aspect, as it should be then just go for this chair. It provides comfort and quality like any other chair in this budget.

The arms of this chair are very adjustable unlike any other chair. You can adjust the arm rest and the back of the chair to the posture you like and it will stay right and the casters provide smooth movement. We can highly recommend this chair to any gamer or anyone looking for a nice outlet for relaxation that’s not too expensive. Streamers also are using this Dxracer gaming chairs which is quite pretty & adorable to watch and play on.


Gaming has become a very time and energy consuming hobby nowadays and it is important for us to have the perfect and comfortable accessories for gaming to avoid discomfort or problems caused by low quality chairs that offer bad posture. Keep in mind what all you need from your gaming chair and what gaming station will you use it for. Keeping all the factors mentioned in the guide in mind and prioritizing comfort and quality you can easily get you dream throne to sit all day and play your favorite games.


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