Best Gaming Station Computer Desk 2018

Gaming has become a very competitive and worldwide popular activity and for each and every professional gamer it is very important to have a perfect gaming setup. Along with a high end gaming computer, an optical gaming mouse, a RGB keyboard and all the other accessories a gaming desk is also as important for your gaming setup.

A gaming desk is necessary for a gamer to place all those precious accessories and the computer. A gaming station computer desk is very precious for any gamer or official computer user as you need the perfect quality and looks to match the quality of the surroundings. If you need a desk for your gaming setup or your workstation this guide on best gaming station computer desks will provide you will all that you need.

What i really think of the current computer gaming desk

The gaming setup is the most precious belonging of any gamer and it is incomplete without a perfect desk. The gaming desks in the market are all manufactured while keeping in mind the requirements of a gamer or a professional workstation. All the products mentioned in the list are of great quality and fine material along with durable structure. A gaming station computer desk is totally a matter of personal liking and any of the desks will be best for you depending on what you need and what you want.

Why you should buy a gaming station computer desk?

A gaming station computer desk is necessary for each and every gamer as you don’t want those bulky and old fashioned tables spoiling the looks of your gaming setup. A gaming station computer desk is made while keeping in mind the requirements of a professional gamer and they provide you with the comfort and posture necessary for long term gaming.

The current cutting-edge technology

The modern gaming station computer desk in the market are all made of premium quality steel  structures and the surface is of high quality fibre. The desks of modern market are great in design and offer you shelves for your keyboard and even monitor.

Best gaming station computer desk

There are a variety of tables or desks in the market but not each of them is fit for gaming. Long term gaming requires proper posture and high quality structure so that you don’t feel pain or fatigue while gaming. Best gaming station computer desks in the market of 2018 are designed keeping the accurate posture in mind and they all provide high quality of material and structure than can easily carry the load of up to 2 full gaming setups.

How we picked and tested

All the gaming station computer desks mentioned in this list are tested for quality and are made of proper quality steel frames so that they can carry load of computers and all the accessories together. The top surface of all the desks is made of fine material and has large enough surface area so that you can easily place all your belongings on the shelves provides.

All the desks are also of great design and look great will all kids of gaming setups or workstations. It is important for your desk to not spoil the looks of your setup and match the level of your gaming computer.

Why you should trust me

I have been in the profession of reviewing products and testing them for a long time and my knowledge in this field is second to none. So i am very confident when I say that all the products I recommend are worth the value of money they come for.

Best gaming station computer desks 2018

All the gaming station computer desks mentions in this list are of great quality and are the most worthy products available in the market. Each of them is worth your money and you will not regret purchasing any of them. They all offer different design and features and are just a matter of personal preference.

Top1: Green Forest L-Shape Corner desk

The L shaped computer cornet desk from GreenForest is made with perfect quality MDF that is great for both home and professional use. This desk is divided in 3 pieces that makes it very easy to set up. The desk provides perfect curves for 3 parts to make it very simple for you to switch sides when you have computers on both ends.

This desk features foot cups that are adjustable to height you prefer. The desk is made of strong legs and has great structure to hold your computer and all the accessories you keep on the surface. It comes with an instructions manual that makes it very easy to set up this desk.


  1. This is an L shaped desk that fits in the corners very gracefully.
  2. Features special foot cups that are adjustable
  3. Strong legs provide strong structure.
  4. Very stable desk.


  1. This desk from Green Forest does not provide you extra shelves for keyboard.
  2. No feature to manage cables.


This Green Forest L-shaped corner desk is a professional gaming or workstation table that looks graceful in the corner of your gaming room or office hall. This table provides great build quality and is worth each penny you put in it.

Top2: LITTLE TREE Modern L Shaped Corner Computer Desk

The Little Tree Modern L shaped Computer corner desk is designed especially for small workstation office or gaming rooms. This table provides wooden finishing look o the surface. The desk is small in size fut offers great durability and structure.

The surface of this desk is very spacious and provides enough room for you speakers, printer, gaming system and accessories all together. This desk features steady x shaped frame to provide stability and strength to the structure. Leg room is very spacious and this table has perfect height to provide you perfect sitting posture.


  1. This desk from Little Tree features X shaped frame.
  2. Leg space is very great and comfortable.
  3. Surface of the desk is large.


  1. This desk is less modular and therefore a little difficult to set up.
  2. Not great for short people.


This Little tree Modern L shaped computer is specially designed for tall people who like a spacious desk for their gaming station or workstation. Great build quality and unique design make this L shaped desk worth being in this list.


Top3: Superbuy L-shaped computer desk

This L shaped computer desk from Superbuy is made using fine wood. This desk offers brand new desogn and great reliability with its high quality material at a very reasonable price. This desk is made ideally for business workstation or personal gaming setups. The surface is 15 mm thick and made of high quality polished wood to provide great structure.

Superbuy provides you all the necessary hardware required for installation of this desk along with a installation guide to make the task easy. The L shape makes it easy to switch from one computer. The left side of the table has an extra tray for your keyboard and the bottom bars provide great leg space and foot rest at proper posture.


  1. This desk from Superbuy is very durable and is constructed from MDF.
  2. The special keyboard tray made it easy to work.
  3. The wooden surface provides great looks.


  1. This table cannot handle a lot of weight at the same point.
  2. You need to divide the weight equally over the surface.


The Superbuy L-shaped computer desk is a great desk for personal use or official workstation. Along with high quality wood and durable MDF this desk provides great structure and unique design. This desk is great for gaming workstations and is fit to be in top picks of 2018.

Top4: BLXCOMUS 2-piece computer desk

The Office furniture white colour 2 piece computer desk workstation gaming table is a perfect balance of all things. The modern design and white colour provides this desk with great looks. This desk offers durability and great surface area to keep all your accessories on the surface of the table.

The BLXCOMYS computer desk offers 2 different types of shelves. Along with regular 2 piece table this table provides you a lifted shelve to place your monitor so that you get perfect viewing angles. The other feature is the keyboard tray that is very smooth and durable and has enough space for all your wires so that they don’t tangle up on the surface of your table.


  1. The BLXCOMYS computer desk features a shelf for monitor.
  2. The keyboard tray is very smooth.
  3. White colour and great design provide perfect looks.


  1. This desk offers less space compares to other tables.
  2. Not too easy to assemble without help.


The Office furniture white colour 2 piece computer desk workstation gaming tables is a best balance of design, looks, colour, and features like the keyboard tray and monitor shelve. This desk is best for multitasking without any fatigue. BLXCOMUS has made this desk a full all in one desk.

Top5: WOLTU L-Shape Computer Desk

The WOLTU L-Shape Gaming Desktop Computer Desk is a great featured desk that is designed to look great with your home furniture. This corner table offers you a very large surface area that can easily accommodate all your hardware and your accessories. The foot pad is made of special ABS material and the desk top is made of wood board that is double laminated so that your table does not lose its shine and texture after long term use.

The kit comes with all types of screws and tools required to set up the desk so you do not need any external help. The table has a smile but very premium design that adds grace to your workstation gaming setup.


  1. The table has a great capacity of 200lbs.
  2. Foot pad is made of ABS material.
  3. Very large surface area to accommodate more than 2 monitors easily.


  1. The screws are limited so you need to be careful not to lose any.
  2. Setting up the table can be a little difficult compared to others.


The WOLTU L-Shape Gaming Desktop Computer Desk is a very premium design desk made especially for home use. This table has a lot of surface area and provides you will all that is needed in a proper gaming workstation computer desk.

Top 5 Picks: what I really think of them

All the desks mentioned in the top 5 picks are very great products with great quality and design. Each of them is worth the price and are just a matter of personal preference. The L shaped computer cornet desk from GreenForest leads in its quality and material used while the BLXCOMYS computer desk offers a monitor shelf that no one else does. Each of them is unique in their own way and is worth being in this list of top 5 best gaming station computer desk.

Short Buying Guide: Tips you should know

Before making the purchase it is very important that you keep in mind what you are going to use your desk for and where are you going to use it. You need to set priories like you need more space on your table or you need better comfort and leg space. Do you need a separate shelf for your monitor or just the keyboard tray will work.

And also you should keep in mind the design and texture of the desk and make sure it goes well with your gaming workstation computer.

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Final words

SO that was all about the best gaming workstation computer desk in the market of 2018. This list can be fully trusted and I guarantee you each of the mentioned products are worth the purchase. Hope you choose well and find what you desire.




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